Briefing Sessions about Solar Sharing

McKin Energy Japan is working hard to spread solar sharing both locally and internationally!

This is Takeuchi, the president.

Yesterday, our staff member, Kondo updated the blog titled “Now The purchase price is 13 yen with only solar sharing remaining”, having confirmed with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The purchase system will be changed drastically from this year (April 1st). See Kondo’s post for details.

With these changes, inquiries about solar sharing are increasing. (i.e. What is solar sharing? How to design? How to apply?)

We regularly hold briefing sessions for those who deal with energy business and those who are planning to introduce solar sharing.

If you’re interested in solar sharing or have questions, contact us though phone, e-mail, or the inquiry form on our website (Need your name, address, phone number). The staff will inform you of the detail as soon as possible. We also offer on-site estimate service.

Our advertisement will be on the Japan Agricultural Newspaper on March 25th.
As it says there, we already have experienced more than 100 consulting and over 70 construction. In addition, we have participated in the largest agricultural expo in Asia and the U.S. eight times.

If you are interested in solar sharing, please contact McKin Energy Japan‼