Solar Sharing Blueberry Farm is coming up in June 2021

It’s been hard times for everyone because of coronavirus. We’ve got to come through this situation with little more patience!

Let us introduce our Mackin Blueberry Farm in Shima, which is steadily being installed.

Location : Shima in Mie prefecture
Capacity: 300kw
Shading rate: 46%
Crops: 600 pots of blueberries

We’re going to open the farm in June 2022.(Pre-opening is planned in June 2021)
Visitors are welcomed anytime! If you’re interested, feel free to contact us.

We were able to obtain a right to convert the site to Mackin Blueberry Farm. (The term for contract renewal is ten years)
The site, which was originally abandoned, was newly made into the farm.

Solar sharing is a type of power plant and you will be able to double your income by earning revenue from solar energy and agriculture.

It can be difficult to make satisfying profit in agriculture in some area, but our practical know-how in various type of solar sharing enables us to offer the best proposal according to each region. We also deal with farm management business.

About 20 solar sharing projects are in progress in Gifu, Tochigi, Ehime, Kumamoto, Hyogo, Okayama, and Nara. You can be updated by following our blog post!

Interested in solar sharing? Contact us.