Solar Power for Factory and Warehouse UseSOLAR POWER FOR FACTORY AND WAREHOUSE

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Mackin Energy is proficient in the installation of all types of solar systems,
and specializes in Agricultural Solar Sharing systems.

  • We do solar power and solar sharing consulting

  • We make designs for solar systems based on your needs

  • We install solar systems

Solar power generation can be split into two different installation methods.

  • Selling generated electricity to the power company.Selling Type

    $0.17/kWh20-Year Feed-in Tariff (FiT)
    By making practical use of the FiT selling generated electricity at a high price is possible. This fixed income makes the selling type a great investment.
  • Using generated electricity locally.Local Consumption Type

    Reducing/Eliminating Your Electricity Bill
    Traditionally energy is bought from power companies. By generating energy locally lessens the need to rely on power companies, reducing or completely getting rid of your electricity bill.

Pros of Doing Solar on Factories and Warehouses

Pro1High Interest- Efficient InvestmentSelling

Something to think about when considering solar is whether you will sell back all the produced energy, or use the energy at home and sell the left-over energy. In Japan, those who choose to use the energy locally will get a higher price at which they can sell the energy back for 10 years, but if you choose to sell everything get a 20-year contract for energy buy-back. Although the price of the FiT is getting lower yearly, if you choose to sell all the produced energy the price you get paid is locked in for 20 years. If you choose to use the produced energy then your energy bill will get cheaper because you aren’t using as much energy from the grid.

Pro2Get Income by Selling ElectricitySelling

In order to be able to sell back all your produced energy you need a system over 10kW. For this reason, it is beneficial to get a large-scale system. You could even think of it as starting a business that is guaranteed to succeed. Or you could install a system as a current business owner. Doing so gives you the added image of being green and eco-friendly, as well as getting added income.

Pro3Advancement of CSRLocal Consumption

In this day business isn’t just about profits, but also includes moral obligations to society and the environment. That is what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is. It’s not possible for every company to put everything into social and environmental matters, but we all have a responsibility to put effort into world preservation. Solar Energy is right in line with our corporate social responsibility.

Pro4Reducing/Elimination of Electricity BillLocal Consumption

By deciding to use the generated energy locally your electric bill, of course, gets lower, and any unused energy can be sold back to the grid. In many cases it is not possible to supply all the energy depending on the system size, but it will definitely cut down reliance on energy from electric companies. There is nothing negative that comes from lessening dependence on other sources for energy.

Pro5Tax Exemptions

There are many different incentives to install solar, like being able to sell back produced energy. There are also tax exemptions from the federal government (up to about 30%), and in many places from the local government as well.

Pro6Power Supply for Times of Calamity and Power Outages

In the past people often said that it’s impossible to store the energy generated from solar. However, with modern advancements in technology it is now possible to store energy in batteries. This is needed to become independent from electric companies, and especially important in times of disaster or power outages. With help from storage batteries even if the sun isn’t shining you can still use the energy produced from your solar system.

Pro7Make Use of Roof Space

Roofs are very important to us, they protect us from the rain, wind, and other forces of nature. At the same time, roofs can be used for more than just a protection from the elements. By installing solar on your roof you’re not only protected, but that protection is saving/making you money. This doesn’t just apply to our houses, but crops as well. Through agricultural solar sharing (one of our main focuses) the crops below the panels are protected from things like excessive sunlight, as well as generating electricity to put more money in your wallet.

Pro8Extra Insulation

Installing solar panels on your roof contributes to extra insulation for your house. It adds another layer keeping summers cooler and winters warmer inside.

Reason1We have many accomplishments.

It’s a fairly common sight to see solar panels on roofs these days. It’s very popular, and an obvious solution to many problems. We are working all over the country (in Japan), and have about 10 commercial roof projects running as well.

Along with roof top installation, we are pushing storage batteries, with China’s EV car manufacturer BYD as our main source for batteries. They are well known, and have their batteries sent around the world. The quality and prices are great.

  • Roof Top Solar 1

  • Roof Top Solar 2

  • Roof Top Solar 3

Reason2You get a Great Value for Your Money

We go to China to discuss with our manufacturers directly about frame designs, panels, and batteries. We buy our materials in bulk to get a better price for you.

By doing business all over Japan we have many people and companies to work with. With many trusted partners we can save you the time and money from traveling to somewhere far to do consulting. We are able to keep up with demand because of our custom designs, made for our customers, and our connections all over.

  • Roof Top Solar 4

  • Roof Top Solar 5

  • Roof Top Solar 6

Reason3We Offer One of the Industry’s Best Consulting

Mackin Energy also does construction. We make plans based on the specific roof and load capacity of the roof. Our CEO is a former home builder and built his own home from step one. So, we can offer help in more than just your solar needs.

We don’t sell only panels, but also batteries to go along with your solar system. We work with and recommend the world-wide known battery maker BYD, to improve your solar system to bring out its full potential.

  • Home Blueprints

  • Power Inverter Sales

  • All Your Solar Needs

Testimonials from Solar Customers

  • Company KS|Factory
    It’s a little hard to see from the picture, but we got solar installed on our building. It was difficult to install because space is limited on the roof. The parapet created a shadow so we had to raise the panels to the height of the parapet to avoid the shade, but if we went too high there was worry of wind catching the panels and blowing them off. It seemed like a difficult task, but Mackin Energy was very flexible and made it all work out without any problems.
  • Company K|Factory
    My building was quite old, so the slate roof had some weak spots that needed to be repaired to install panels. Mackin Energy was able to repair what needed to be fixed and the price was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. Since these panels will be here for at least 20 years it made me feel better that the roof was fixed in advance to prevent hassle in the future if the roof got any worse than it already was.
  • Company Y|Factory
    I was convinced to do solar with Mackin Energy because a friend introduced me to the idea. I didn’t know anything about Mackin Energy, but I trusted my friend’s opinion so I didn’t have many worries. One thing I was worried about is the roof on my building is quite high and looked like it would be difficult to install on, but with the help from a crane it went by in no time. The system wasn’t just thrown together without any plan. A contractor came by and made a plan specific for my building and there have been no problems.
  • Company S|Factory
    I needed to replace the panels on my building, but when I got an estimate from another company the price was so high that I was considering not continuing with solar. However, I heard from a friend that Mackin Energy also does panel replacements. I got an estimate and the price was almost too good to be true. On top of that, they listened to what I wanted in my system and made the whole process very simple. Mackin Energy has been great to work with.

Example of profits earned from doing solar sharing

  • Place Hyogo Prefecture, Sanda
    Area 0.16 Acres (650㎡)
    Solar System Size (kW) 60kW
    FiT Price $0.17/kW
    Yearly Income from Energy Generation $10,720
    Cost of Installation $97,460
    Rate of Interest 11.0%
  • Place Kyoto
    Solar System Size (kW) 60kW
    FiT Price $0.23/kW
    Yearly Income from Energy Generation $10,650
    Cost of Installation $101,070
    Average Payback 10.5 Years
  • Place Chiba Prefecture
    Area 4 Acres(16180㎡)
    Solar System Size (kW) 1.4MW (1400kW)
    FiT Price $0.30/kW
    Yearly Income from Energy Generation $347,425
    Cost of Installation $2,671,100
    Average Payback 13 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is needed to get a rough estimate for a solar system?
AThe desired size of the system, and blueprints and pictures of the roof is needed.
QMy roof is ___ft², how many kW can be installed?
AIt takes about 9300ft² to install a 100kW system.
QMy house is pretty old, is it still possible to install a system on it safely?
AIt depends on the strength and stability of the roof and building. In most cases it is possible, but it will take a physical inspection to be positive, which we, or a contractor can do.
QIs it possible to install even if I live close to the ocean?
AYes. We have products that are made to be used in areas subject to salt damage up to 300-500 yards from the shore. If the site is closer then there may be damages.

Mackin Energy Japan’s Thoughts on Solar Power Generation

Hello, I am here to recommend Mackin Energy’s factory and roof top solar. In recent years factories and warehouses have undergone a lot of changes, with advances in machinery used. Thinks like forklifts going electric, makes electricity a must-have. When the time comes that we can’t produce any more energy, or production stops we need to find other sources to rely on. The best thing we can do is to start using those other sources now. The sun gives us more energy than we could ever need, so it only makes sense to make use of it.

Most people probably don’t think we will run out of fossil fuels or other nonrenewable forms of energy any time soon. Even if there is an abundance of fossil fuels there are so many variables that affect supply, as well as the adverse effects from using energy sources like fossil fuels. There are many businesses that are looking forward to creating a 100% Renewable Energy powered world. In order to help advance this ideal we are pushing solar for factory and warehouse use.

Also, in order to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction, we will make an example of possible money saved and earned from installing solar. We are also in frequent contact with our manufacturers making sure that any problems, or needed changes are made quickly and effectively to save you time and money, and so we can offer the best products out there.